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About Us

Ruhaniya was created by two friends who have a great love for creating beautiful living spaces. Growing up in small towns, even with limited means, we found ways to make our homes look attractive and welcoming. Sometimes we would reach home from school and see that our mother has just shifted the objects and furniture around and given a new look to the living room. Sometimes, there would be a new dry arrangement from the plants picked on a road trip, or a floor sitting area with cosy lamplight with potted plants in attractive planters. We were groomed to give our homes as much attention as we gave to our own appearance. A home need not be opulent, nor spartan. It carries the personality of the people living in it, making each home unique. Ruhaniya strives to bring home furnishing that is elegant and sophisticated, and is made of natural fabrics. Since we design our own products, they are made in very small quantities, and your Ruhaniya products are exclusive. We work only with natural fabrics which feel great on the skin and looks much more elegant too. We first started with a range of bed linen, and have now developed cushion covers and a smart dining range. We are developing a range of curtains too. Stay with us for many more new exciting products for your home here. Our special pride is in the fact that those who have bought from us once buy from us again and again. This is the pleasure for which we work so hard.