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Mystic Symbols

Mystic Symbols

 Our very existence is full of mysteries which none of us fully understand. With our complex minds, we love to find connections with this mystic side of our selves. All cultures abound with symbols that evoke emotions due to centuries of connection with them. To look, to absorb, to wonder, to contemplate, is the human nature. Connect with this beautiful aspect of yourself with our mystic collection. Our beautiful collection of cushion covers in soft pastels has the three most loved mystic symbols of the Owl, The Hamsa and the Turtle.


Hamsa is the sacred symbol of the hand of the God.The eye in the center symbolises that he is the all seeing one. This middle eastern symbol brings faith, health, luck and good fortune. The Hindu’s and the Buddhist’s also relate to this symbol as a protection from the evil eye. 


The Turtle is the oldest living species on earth. It signifies longevity, patience and also introversion, which is essential for spiritual growth. It is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu and he appeared in this form to restore equilibrium to the creation. In Egypt, turtle amulets were worn to ward off evil. In China, some believe that their script was inspired from the patterns of thetortoise shell!



The owl is a symbol of Goddess Athena of Greece, and therefore a symbol of great wisdom. It is also connected to magic and ancient knowledge. In Hinduism, it is said that an owl taught the great Garuda the meaning of motherly love. The owl symbolises fertility and femininity.