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Responsible Packaging

Responsible Packaging

The name Ruhaniya itself  means a connection to your Ruh (soul). We are connected to our Ruh with beauty, responsibility, love. Everyday, we see some news about the havoc modern lifestyles are creating in nature. We cannot escape it. We have to live on this planet. We cannot change everybody also. We just happily and with awareness keep trying to change and evolve purselves.

As we started, we had to use polybags to pack individual products as it seemed to be the only way to protect our them . Our customers would also need a bag to carry the goods. Born into modern ways, we find it very difficult to completely do away with use of polythene, but we are constantly working  on reducing it’s use. Instead of individual products being packed in plastic bags, we line our storage cartons with a large poly-sheet. The customer is handed over the product wrapped in a tissue or in certain cases, a fabric bag. This looks nicer and feels better to our conscience.

Our carry bags are now paper bags. They are sturdy and multiple use, so it can help reduce polybag consumption even at your end by the principle of “ Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”. These bags are not plastic coated, and will decompose after they are no longer usable.

Some of our lovely customers refuse even those as they are carrying their own bags, and inspire us to keep on doing the right thing as our conscience demands.

“Zero waste” is the keyword trending these days. Some trends are so positive, it feels good to be trendy in this way. We will continue our efforts to combine business with our love for our mother earth. Help us share the love.